Using low-pollution trivalent chromium passivation alkaline non-cyanide zinc and alkaline non-cyanide zinc nickel, drum electroplating,
This provides the following advantages
1. Excellent corrosion resistance.
2. Very uniform coating.
3. It has excellent adhesion to adhesives and coatings.

Alkaline plating helps to extend the life of products and components.
Color series can be multi-color passivation treatment:
*Zinc-nickel alloy (black, natural color, blue and white)
*Zinc (black, white, colorful, blue and white)
Provide a variety of machinable products: automobiles, forgings, powder metallurgy parts, stamping parts, aerospace processing parts, architectural furniture hardware, 3C electronic processing parts, various screws and nuts, washers, medical equipment, die casting, Diversified fastener products such as hot forging tools and high-precision turning metal parts.